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Jim's Force Services

Jim’s Force Services started out in the year 2000 with a simple concept “Balance between High Quality and Low Budget”.

We have been spending valuable time and effort to assemble a cohesive team of highly motivated pest technician, expanding and constantly improving ourselves in order to serve you beyond your needs and expectations.

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my relative's house had engaged their services before, they sure are efficient.
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19 Nov 2011 11:11:43
Products & Services

Our services include:

General Pest Control:

  • Mosquitoes Control & Larvae Prevention
  • Cockroaches Control
  • Termites Inspection & Spot treatment
  • Common Ants Control
  • Anti-Fleas / Lice / Ticks Treatment
  • Bedbugs Treatment
  • Rats / Mice Extermination
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • Disinfectant

Other Pest Control:

  • Bees / Hornets / Wasps elimination
  • Pest birds prevention
  • Snake detection & prevention
  • Fungus / Bacteria Disinfectant Treatment
  • Soil Treatment / Termites Proofing for prevention

Our services covered Residential, Commercial, Marine & Offshore, Schools, Factory and Warehouse. We are one step closer to non-toxic pest control service. All chemicals and methods used are almost zero toxicity to humans and warm-blooded animals.

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Tel: 6487 3487 | Fax: 64873478
Reg. Name: Jim's Force Services
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